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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords, also known as Paid Search, is an online marketing activity that involves paying when someone clicks on your advert on a Search Engine, usually through a bidding process where you set the price that you are willing to pay for particular keywords relevant to your business. Every business should be using Google AdWords as a core channel on a strict ROI or Cost Per Enquiry basis across search, social media and display networks.

Developing an effective online advertising campaign can be one of the biggest challenges that any company goes through.

As the market grows, costs continue to rise, and competition increases the pressure. It can be especially difficult for new companies that are launching a website. In today’s competitive online environment, many businesses are incorporating Google AdWords advertising into their online marketing strategy. It is a quick and effective way of creating a highly visible online presence and you may start receiving sales and enquiries within a few hours of your adverts going live.

SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED employs bespoke third generation Google AdWords techniques to ensure that your campaign is managed and optimised 8 times an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using a unique combination of sophisticated Adword software and ‘people ware’. They are able to work on all the major search engines including Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Y!SM), and Microsoft adCenter.

We can help you manage one Adword account or all three Adword accounts based on your company’s individual needs and desires. Our team prides themselves on the excellent customer service they offer and we are sure you will be pleased with the high-quality advertising campaigns we will develop for you. With competitive fees and discounted packages for multiple services, SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED will make sure that you get a positive return on your investment.

What can we offer you with our Adword Management services?

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Lengthy Contracts
  • Thorough Keyword Research
  • Ad Split Testing
  • Budget Control & Management
  • Conversions Analysis
  • Regular & Comprehensive Reporting
  • Optimisation Of Existing Campaigns
  • Creation Of New Campaigns
  • Ensuring Only The Most Relevant Traffic Reaches Your Site
  • An Improved ROI
  • Support You When Your Sales Begin To Grow
  • Campaign Management That is Intuitive In An Ever-Changing Marketplace

Google Adwords / Analytics Certification

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