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Smart Reasons why B2B Marketers must turn Mobile Friendly- Now!

2 Feb , 2016  

Mobile device usage is witnessing a boom over last few years and it is well known fact that mobiles and smartphones have taken over the PC and Laptop usage. Clearly mobile is the king and is a critical element for marketing online. B2B marketers and companies have been very lazy while adapting to mobile marketing, does it really impacts their business? If yes, then how? Here are 3 vital reasons that will make every B2B marketer think and embrace mobile marketing strategies, immediately!

Mobile Impacts Fundamental Marketing Metrics

There are several risks as well as disadvantages of not having mobile friendly website. It is more of the form digital marketing calamity. Any business that does not provides solid marketing experience faces several challenges including:

  • Organic traffic ranking
  • Loss of Mobile site traffic
  • Increased bounce rate on website

While many of the business to business marketers are unaware of these facts and provide a low optimized mobile experience, it is essential to know and understand that a mobile friendly website offers more visibility as well as traffic.

Customer Engagement is attained

Apart from ensuring the brand visibility and traffic influx, mobile friendly websites also increase loyalty of customers, engagement as well as sentiments. Here are some statistics to prove our statement:

  • As high as 75% of the customers agreed to company’s site in the future if the website is mobile friendly
  • Half the users feel dejected and annoyed if the company’s website is not user and mobile friendly
  • 52% customers are less likely to do business with companies that have no website

These dramatic statistics are good enough to annoy the business prospects and a great barrier to the engagement. The conclusion of these statistics is that a positive mobile experience is absolute to interact, engage and attract the leads, sales, revenues and your customers, of course!

B2B Decision Makers Increasingly Using Mobile Devices

Most of the business buyers solely are relied on Internet for the research, development, and selection process. Moreover, most of the business buyers want access to these resources and research tool while on the go which is only possible with Mobile friendly websites. A research by Google suggests that:

  • 42% of the users and researchers are using mobile devices to make purchasing processes B2B
  • Searching and Browsing activities via smartphones have intensified to 3 times and even more
  • Most of the B2B researchers not only use mobile devices when they are out of office but they also perform research and search while they are at work

This clearly indicates that mobile usage from consumers has grown. If you are a B2B marketer then you must essentially understand your prospects, your buyers and customers, how they are interacting with their mobile devices and others.

The Bottom Line:

The mobile experience is sure to impact you online marketing and strategies success and directly impacts the visibility as well as traffic. Providing the users with a favorable experience will bring on new business avenues, driving lead and sales. Bring a positive leap curve to your business and turn your marketing into a competitive advantage for your presence.

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