Get Quick View on Dofollow Links over Top 10 Social Media Sites in 2013

11 Sep , 2013  

Social media means social service or it is the form of electronic communication through users create online communities to share information, ideas    and contents. After sharing the contents social media sites give the “do follow” link to manage the lot of potential “direct” visitors to improve all the positions as per the keywords.

By using the social sharing & social bookmarking sites of the web, not only people can take the attention but also direct high traffic social hub allow to get good page rank value from social links. Let’s have a look on following social media sites with high page rank & to get lot of visitors.

1. Google+

Well! Its fact that all links from Google+ are not do follow links which are point to content. Somehow when you are sharing the text content are no follow like comments on Google+. But when you click on some link icon which are in the “share whats new” section those are indicated to do follow links.

2. You Tube

You Tube allows you upload video with some short of description which includes link to your site that indicates no follow. In fact you can add the links to your channel header specially social links like the link should be end with” tumblr.com”, “wordpress.com” for promoting to your blog which are “do follow”.

So, want to get SEO value then concern the you tube links with new deal:

  • Social links in channel’s header are do follow
  • Other links in channel’s header are no follow
  • Links in YouTube video descriptions are no follow

3. Pinterest

Apart from that Pinterest lets you link to your site from your profile like profile link is most visible to do follow like visual side to your brand. It’s true that Pinterest are internal not lead directly to your site just make a note on that.

4. LinkedIn

Most of the cases you can see the some of links used in Linkedln are third party sites are do follow. So for that some publication value like public Linkedln profile which is used in SEO are do follow which are must accessible by 302 redirects. Some short URL link redirects to 301 which pass page rank. If you will create multiple accounts by SEO then you have seen the ranking boost from 302 links which depends on temporary redirect on around.

5. WordPress

WordPress blog takes some few minutes to take up at free. Also it is a great solution for content marketing as per attracting the visitors to their site which means by publishing articles on third party platforms. Free hosted WordPress blogs are may be dofollow or nofollow which are allowed by CMS system. Note that for preventing the spam, WordPress no follows all comment links & profile links are by default.

6. Hubpages

Some of links in Hubpages are nofollow & dofollow. So catch out the points at least 40 to provide dofollow links in your hubs whose maximum score is 75.

7. Tumblr

Through Tumblr while posting the blog which are used to unethical online recently. Well! Share content to your link in your post are dofollow also profile link with green colour are also indicate as dofollow as per compelling title with description.

8. Blogger(BlogSpot)

Most probably in blogger or BlogSpot when post something then those links are normally do follow due to quick approve. But when you are giving comment then don’t use link at last so notified that shouldn’t be hyperlink.

9. Reddit

Submit new link & new text post you can post the bookmark at right corner which gives the dofollow links.

10. Bizsugar

Through Bizsugar community people can share the small business news & tips then go ahead & submit an article to proceed by preventing the spamming.

Speedup the process

To manage the Twitter & Facebook social sites need the time which means to share the contents to manage with login information with your account history.


For assessing your page ranking at possible effectiveness by taking the social links as per reviews.

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