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ERRR – All about Comprehensive & Accountable SEO Report Ever

25 Nov , 2015  

The world of SEM and SEO is changing at an unbelievable pace. Look around and you will find numerous SEO firms trying hard to captivate your attention. Especially, with the rise of a new company each new day, the old players of the SEO arena are heading towards oblivion.

It is the potential customers bearing the brunt of such situations. Today, every prospective customer has one question in common before deciding to invest in SEO or planning to switch from Google AdWords campaign programs.

Are the SEO reports really accountable?

Here are quite a few questions frequently asked by potential clients:

How can we gauge the accountability of the results?

How will I be assured of making a justified investment?

How the SEO investment reports will surpass Google AdWords or several other investments?

Is your Monthly SEO report restricted to accounting number of links and keyword ranking or much more than that?

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It is high time for a change to arrive! What do you think?

We have been in this business for nine long years. And throughout these years, we have been successful in understanding the major issues our customers face with their monthly reporting. That is the reason that our highly dedicated team of SEO reporters work in compliance with the customers’ specific requirements. And that is why our reports are not merely focussed on tracking links and rankings, but also preserving the interests of customers.

The main aim is to design a clean, comprehensive, properly-classified, focused and comprehensible SEO report. Additionally, our reports are easily accountable and have an easy-to-understand nature. And we have termed it as “ERRR“. The full form of this acronym is mentioned below.


E ->  Effort. R -> RANKING. R -> RESULT. R -> ROI

We have a result-oriented approach for our clients’ projects. Check out our official 360-degree website optimization for a detailed account of our professional approaches. Do not fail to visit

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You must be wondering about that unique quality that separates us from our contemporaries.

Throughout these 9 years of professional journey, we provide individual attention to every single project and take every single project seriously. SEO means nothing other than true optimization to us.

With us, our clients will achieve perfect SEO optimization. As the most desired result, their business websites will be search-engine friendly, device-compatible as well as have the highly user-friendly interface.


Our website optimization process includes all the major guidelines and algorithms of popular search engines. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your website is completely free of errors or any malicious software programs. The websites designed by us will surely have the best on-page optimization, an incredible content coupled with modest keyword density, fast loading and a better TTFB. Moreover, the content will be capable enough to describe your business goals. We strongly believe in image optimization as well as from minimization.

We possess a perfect understanding of your business goals. Therefore, we optimize your website first and then plan its promotion.

In the last couple of years, we have noticed a particular trend in customer behavior. Customers walk out of deals or agreements. But, that is not the case with us. Our SEO services are quite simple. Therefore, our customers can keep track of our services and measure our efforts.

Our plans and approaches are clearly stated to the customers. So, they have a pristine clear idea regarding where and why they are investing.


Every investor will wish to reap the benefits of the desired result. As one of the leading result-driven online marketing firm, we have a profound understanding of this aspect. The result means different from customer to customer, then why just showcase keyword ranking or back link as everything.

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Sometimes even after high rankings, huge back links websites fails to get the desired amount of traffic and its even horrible when you have everything but not conversion or transaction.

So in short we have to always ask what matters.

Keywords: Potential keyword matters. Are you having good position over long tail keywords before targeting seed or generic keywords? 

Traffic: Potentiality of the traffic matters. What % of your Bounce rate matters? How much time they spend on your site along with what % of your traffic are your returning visitors.


Back link: Quality matter not quantity. Are they original or Natural?

Our SEO reports are simple & can be easily evaluated. It’s more than just keyword ranking, our reporting system deals with traffic generation, keyword ranking, conversion rates, goals and traffic sources. We guarantee, our reports are 99.99% transparent.

This is what influenced us to design a result-driven SEO reporting format.


Imagine associating with an SEO company capable of suggesting you great keywords instead of using the conventional ones. If the proposition excites you to the tee, then think of experiencing it in reality. We help our customers focus on targeted keywords that are location-specific. As a result, they earn more conversions for their business websites compared to the ones using seed keywords. Additionally, they earn higher rankings in the Search Engine Result Pages and potential customers can find them easily.

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We have what it takes to be the best. Therefore, the search engine ranking team working with us check and upgrade the website ranking of our clients on a monthly, bi-monthly and weekly basis. Apart from that, we do not make false promises and always live up to our clients’ expectations. We know that our clients wish for nothing other than steady n real results instead of any unrealistic approaches. With us, you will notice a considerable change in your website ranking within a span of 40 to 50 days. Sorry, we can’t commit something earlier as its natural process. Every industry expert will agree to this as your efforts need some time to get matured & identified by search engines.


Here is the final stage of our new monthly SEO report format.

There are companies offering comprehensive idea on ROIs. Additionally, there are other SEO firms focussing mainly on links and ranks. But, it is tough for any enterprise to evaluate their ROIs without CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation. And that is the reason we consider ROI as one of the major segments of our report.

We perfectly know the importance of showing the ROIs to our clients. Quite similarly to paid campaigns such as Google AdWords, SEO can also give you an idea regarding the amount of business ROI you will generate from SEO campaigns.

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We can efficiently fetch a $1 investment, a whopping 5 to 20 clicks, which is completely unachievable by other paid campaign service providers.

The brand new SEO report format designed by us will do all the talking on our behalf. We always aim for the best and strive hard to ensure the best for our esteemed clientele. You can place complete reliance on our digital marketing services and get this unique SEO report format. As the most desired result, you will get the real picture of your SEO with the help of comprehensive information and simple graphical representations present in the format.

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