About Shilabs Private Limited

Valued Customers. Intuitive Platform. Accelerating Growth.

SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED company which provides the leading online search engine optimisation & marketing platform for online and multi-channel retailers to drive revenue through website, email, mobile and social campaigns. Over 100 organizations including Odyess360, Wild blue satellite, Cryo-cells, Legend Micro, ESL Group, LT Group, Dressspace, and Doorbells Direct rely on SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED to increase revenue through interactive search engine optimization & marketing which includes PPC, Social Media Networking and Email marketing.

Our long-term focus & improvisation in providing services to our customers, timely improvisations on our products and encouragement of employees has resulted in accelerated growth of the company. Armed with 9 years of experience in the field of SEO & SEM & a unique strategy, SHI has earned a reputation of being an international SEO service provider.


Commerce Focus

Interactive marketing isn’t the same for every type of business. SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED places importance on retail & ecommerce when devising strategies & designing platforms. With nearly 60% of SHI’s clients being online store owners, we have come with unique services for each of them to direct maximum revenue to their websites.

Strategy as a Service

Successful SEO & SEM is more than just technology. SHI has mastered the art of playing with different strategies & implementing them on our clients’ websites to rope in more useful traffic & increase sales.


SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED is unique in every way. Transparency, approachability and passion for marketing are built into SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED DNA – Call or visit us and you’ll experience the SHILABS PRIVATE LIMITED way for yourself.

  • Authentic SEO strategies that flawlessly unify with your marketing plan; eyeing your visions, we build our SEO strategies.
  • Equipped with Loads of SEO, SEM Tools to decorate your website and its Ranking over SERP to increase your website traffic.
  • Strategic designing of SEO content to rope in human visitors as well as increase search engine crawling.
  • Top priority given to relevance of targets & accordingly molding our SEO services to suit the needs.
  • Keeping abreast of market trends & modifying our SEM services that would help enhance your brand’s popularity.
  • Get value for money with top ROI, excellent results in campaign topped with customer service that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.
  • Specialization in both organic SEO services along with others & a keen ethical white hat policy.
  • Upholding our client’s time & reputation & building ours along the way.
  • Present 24X7 to meet our clients’ needs via our multiple channels of communication.